July 1, 2011

This - shared with me by S - is one of the most vitriolic political commentaries I've ever read. I mean like hey, we're bad but we're not THAT bad. Also, granted that we screwed you over some of the time (okay, a lot of the time) but the Amreeki regime has given as good as it gets. I dislike how the article keeps going back to the communist-era creation of the Taliban and blaming it on a grand plan we devised and duped the US into supporting. I resent (on many levels) how one-dimensional the author's reading of the political situation (where young innocent Americans are being killed in the evil Islamic Republic) and misguided representation of history designed to have the American populace embark immediately on a hate campaign. And most of all I dislike the many assumptions put into text as fact. For example, Pakistan is NOT an acronym for Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir (etc). It's not an acronym at all. Nor it is a stereotype, or a so-easily-categorized rogue country where everything is falling to pieces. We're not in a good place right now - admitted. But Abbottabad is NOT next door to Islamabad. And truly the average person on the street is too busy wondering how to combat sky high inflation to really give a shit about Mr. Bin Laden's tragic demise. Promise.

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