July 11, 2011

I could live like this forever
I think.
Enjoying a series of
perfectly crafted tiny moments

of sudden-slow waltzes
to music playing in a busy kitchen
surrounded by Sunday morning smells
of chocolate-y pancakes and
yellow-dripping mangoes

slow, delicious, delectable sins
that will sustain the soul
once the sweetness of youth
finally ages into bitter-sweet wisdom


Shafeenaaz said...

Oh wow!!! Lovely lovely words Xeb!

Shafeenaaz said...

Xeb, hi again. Need some help. I'd like to buy a couple of shalwar kameez from Pak (EGO store). Could you please tell me how I need to go about it? Where can I send you a personal email?

Xeb said...


Shafeenaaz said...

Yaayyyyy....Thanks Xeb...sending you an email shortly!!!

Arunima said...

bitter-sweet wisdom of knowing it was a life well lived so far, to my own terms. won't regret that eh!

Anonymous said...

Ahh see this is just the thing- some food and travel stuff to cheer up and spice up the general malaise; which is not just life in Pakistan, but life itself.

Minerva said...

I admire how you're able to enjoy the small things in life like that.

Being a cynic has completely robbed me of that ability.

Weird word verification: atica.

wonder if that's a sign?

Bia said...

all seems going well *wink wink!