June 5, 2011

Sunday morning breakfast - whether it's chai and croissants with the laptop for company, a noisy raucous pancake filled brunch with my people or a calm, soothing cup of cereal loaded with dried fruit (figs et al) with mommy - is my favorite meal. There's something wonderful about Sunday mornings that even the threat of an impending Monday can't take away.

Good-morning world! :)


Roshni said...

Sunday BRUNCH yea :P

wordsinvoiced said...

hehheeh....no matter wat the food is,if its with mom,everything is bound to appear shiny n yummy.lucky u:)

Kevin said...

Thailand called. It's wondering what happened. Ps I think Express tribune actually takes submissions in the blog department. But maybe you're too hip an edgy for them. :p

Xeb said...

Thailand is happening this Saturday *fingers-crossed*.

And as much as I'd love to be writing for the Express tribune (blog or otherwise) I don't even manage to update my own little space very regularly these days. Perhaps when the muse returns those options shall be explored... :)