June 3, 2011

I'm in love with Zoe Viccaji's new song, an accapella cover of Strings "Bichra Yaar". Sponsored by Levis, this particular initiative is one of the best musical things to come out of Pakistan this year. Well done, Ms. Viccaji! :) I hear (through the newspaper) that Zoe's next project is with Bilal Khan. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm off to Thailand next week. Vacationing, again. Looking forward to making the most of Bangkok and (hopefully) some adjoining beaches. If anyone has travel tips, let me know. I'm hoping a travelogue a'la-Xeb will follow my trip, but aaj kal there seems to be no way to guarantee my writing prowess. The muse has abandoned me to an extent where putting two sentences together seems to be a bit of a chore. I dislike this state-of-being very much though. Here's hoping it changes soon. *cheers* (Random Aside: speaking of *cheers* - my brand-new HTC-Desire-HD has a rather interesting app called "Mixology". I wholeheartedly recommend :))

What else shall I tell you? Since we've been a little distant lately, this is the time for idle-chit-chat while we get re-acquainted. It's too soon, I think, to give you the gory details of my always-too-complicated-for-me love-life. I could whine-about-work, but then the inevitable question (for which I rarely have an answer to) on why I continue to work so much would arise and I'm not really prepared to get into that. I could talk about the marriage-brigade, but I'm afraid unnecessary speculation on their activities would rouse them out of their slumber - and then woe-is-me. I could talk to you about Pakistan, but I'm afraid after Mr. Shahzad got murdered somewhere between F-8 and F-6 in Islamabad we have suck to new depths of low that I'm afraid to explore for fear of completely losing what little hope I have.

So let's just grab ourselves an individual cup-of-coffee and talk about idle-nothings. Like a trip to Thailand, cellphone applications and good music. And let's gossip a-little-bit. What's going on people? What have I been missing?


Furree Katt said...

HI! ♥ i cannot get over how pretty your blog is.
my parents went on a 'second honeymoon' kind of thing to Thailand, when i was around 9 years old. they had loads of fun, attended some full moon party on the beach :O

someone gifted me a Coke studio CD and i'm like, "what do i do with this!? O.O" i LOVE rap. Drake is my #1 favourite in the entire universe. if only someone would ask me what i like instead of guessing my musical preferences -_-

Ali said...


wordsinvoiced said...

oh dats gr8,ur off to vacs,trust me thats a true blessing:)

do go to their dinner cruise,u may do some reasearch already on the internet,they ve got loads of stuff online already.
hope u have lots of fun.mere hissay ka bhi enjoy kerlena,as i was due to hav vacs to thailand but for some reason i cudnt:(
njoy ur heart out babes:)

Huma said...

Go to Koh Samui! Save all your shopping for the end, and check out Emporium and Siam Paragon for the high-end stuff, and MBK for the cheap shopping in Bangkok

Anonymous said...

Eat fresh seafood, and take a million pictures of temples and beaches. I've discovered if you're not living there's nothing to write about.

Aneela Z said...

if koh samui and phuket seem far far away and you are short of time, try koh samed which is a three hour drive (many many buses from the Eastern Terminal)it will drop you off at rayong from where you take a ferry , it was my weekend getaway as a student and it has everything from shacks to nice lodges and boutique hotels...well hotel is stretching it but you know a bit upmarket. I would recommend Ao Phai's rooms...it was a pretty sweet island a while ago.
Another place which is a doable from BKK is HuaHin/Cha'am....there are nice spas/ resorts there, the beaches are clean and nice, the water has jelly fish which would put me off but it is a nice place if you are just admiring the scenery!
do go to Ayudhya for the day if it is not too hot, it is 45 minutes from Bangkok and some of the most beautiful temples and remnants of the old city..go late afternoon and see the sun go down, I think they lock up the site around 8pm in summers but just ask.It is nicer in the winters as they have opera in the park and light up the gardens.

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