May 2, 2011

Quick update:

So as it turns out, Osama was killed a few houses away from a client's office in Abbottabad. A client we were supposed to rendezvous with tomorrow on our way to Nathiagali for a stakeholder workshop. And in Nathiagali - in case you didn't know - is a famous chicken place which has been written about in the New York Times where we were planning to have dinner tomorrow night. However, due to the tragic demise of Mr. Bin Laden, and rumors of possible retaliation our client has closed down their offices and cancelled all activities - including our stakeholders workshop - 'until further notice'.

So much for my chicken!



How do we know said...


Kevin said...

I bet Osama had them on speed dial.

"Hello, Chicken House"
"Hi, I'd like 1 order of chicken pakori, 2 orders of lollipop chicken, and a chicken biryani."
"Your name, sir"
"[Silence]. Osama?Not *that* Osama, right?"
" Yeah, very funny you stupid chutiya, I get that all the time"
"So, pickup or delivery"
"And your address, Sir?"
"One Fort road. It's the big house on the hill with the 12 foot walls, barbed wire fences, video cameras, and about 50 armed guards."

sharbet said...

@kevin: haha!
@xeb: that's too bad! on another note, i'm glad you're writing more often again! i wanted to tell you that i think i have only 1 reader who comes here straight from your blog as soon as i put up a post and leaves annoying comments. all your popularity doesn't do me any good, i still get a troll! :(