April 16, 2011

Excuse me, friends, I must catch my jet-
I’m off to join the Development Set;
My bags are packed, and I’ve had all my shots,
I have travelers’ checks, and pi's for the trots

The Development Set is bright and noble,
Our thoughts are deep and our vision global;
Although we move with the better classes,
Our thoughts are always with the masses.

In Sheraton hotels in scattered nations,
We damn multinational corporations;
Injustice seems so easy to protest,
In such seething hotbeds of social rest.

We discuss malnutrition over steaks
And plan hunger talks during coffee breaks.
Whether Asian floods or African drought,
We face each issue with an open mouth.

We bring in consultants whose circumlocution
Raises difficulties for every solution-
Thus guaranteeing continued good eating
By showing the need for another meeting.

The language of the Development Set
Stretches the English alphabet;
We use swell words like ‘epigenetic’,
‘Micro’, ‘Macro’. and ‘logarithmetic’.

Development Set homes are extremely chic,
Full of carvings, curios and draped with batik.
Eye-level photographs subtly assure
That your host is at home with the rich and the poor.

Enough of these verses — on with the mission!
Our task is as broad as the human condition!
Just parry to God the biblical promise is true:
The poor ye shall always have with you.

From Graham Hancock’s book “Lords of Poverty”





Anonymous said...

That's a good one. I want to join the Development set now. You should write your own about midgets. Or better yet, about how to get Fatima to stop actin like an idiot.

Roshni said...

epigenetic...oh..the pain that brings..

Anonymous said...

Also, if you could just write the whole blog on Fatima, literally, write it by hand on Fatima's back, as below, and then just upload the photographs, that would be good. I always enjoy Fatima pictures.

Xeb said...

Err, who's Fatima?

Anonymous said...

What, you don't know her at all? I figured if you knew Ciara you would know Fatima. I mean, you do you really "know" anyone? And how do you know that you know them? Her sister says in the Herald tribune article that Facebook is not the place for phenomenological debate. But how many women do you know who ever follow the advice of their calmer and perhaps more practical older sister?

Xeb said...

Okay. Why are you trolling Fatima on my blog? It makes no sense. Go troll her where she can see.

Anonymous said...

Like where? She only reads Pashto and this is the only Pashto language blog where I can troll. Besides, if you are writing about her it isn't trolling.

Anonymous said...

Also if there is another blog also refers to the situation by all means let me know. I thought there might have been another?

x said...

Ps. I came across, by a quite circuitous route, a non-blog posting of yours from eons ago, which somehow survived. You expressed a desire to appear in the dreams of a love interest. That most unusual ability appears to be second nature to Ms Khan, so perhaps you could get some pointers from her. The first instance happened well over a year ago, and supports the argument that she is not in fact an ordinary mortal, but is instead a Djinn.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2: NO-one brought as much GLAMOUR and charisma to the Interrnational House NY pub scene
as Fatima Khan, at least since the days of studio 54. It was simply unprecedented. Ask Marshall.

Amna K said...

Oh-ma-god. Such true verses. So totally my life. And to think that we think we're super-intellects working in the development sector. Blegh.