April 30, 2011

"I like myself better when I'm writing regularly."

- Willie Nelson


Dear Mr. Nelson,





shahrukh said...

Ditto. Please start writing again.

Roshni said...

This counts too. Just dont disappear ^_^

How do we know said...

what rubbish.. u r a good writer.. u cant become a once upon a time writer. You just choose to not write. Why? Well.. thats one of the mysteries of mankind.. and Godkind.

Kevin said...

"Godkind" hahaha. I guess How Do We Know is a regular, ambrosia-chugging visitor to Mount Olympus, when she's not occupied with domestic duties. What happened to the magical world of midgets, cricket, politicians, and non-profit administrators? Your characters could be in parade, sort of like Fellini's 8 1/2. Btw what would you say the new CIA chief has in common with the Average Pakistani College girl? See Express Tribune articles. And my excellent comments. Also, why don't you write for them?

Xeb said...

s,R,Hdwk: I'm back! :) *fingers-crossed*

K: I'm not sure I have the discipline it requires to regularly write articles. That said, it's worth a try :) Lemme find out about how they commission articles for print! :)