April 30, 2011

Dear Ms. Black,

Please stop trying to justify your inanity by given a 'hidden' meaning to every word you sing. You have produced a piece of meaningless pop-culture, and a graceful exit would be to accept it as such and move on to produce other, similar musical ventures a'la. Trying to portray yourself as a tweeny-political-activist is in effect nothing more than an epic fail. You should know that in this video you are even more annoying (if that was possible) than your friend Justin Beiber.

Please stop trying so hard,

Much love,



Shafeenaaz said...

Gees! She needs help!!

Anonymous said...

Please take a deep breath. Its just a scripted promo where she is being sarcastic.

Xeb said...

I find the fact that this is apparently a self-sponsored spoof which Rebecca Black was in on almost as inane as this video.

Salman Latif said...

How stupid! She's even more lame that our politicians when they interpret and re-interpret their statements!! And at places, I am reminded of Moudoodi (for certain reasons) :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Xeb,

Why don't you stop trying to portray yourself as some kind of John Stewart/Conan O'Brien character who had a sex (and ethnicity) change a la Michael Jackson? You think you are some kind of "voice of independent Pakistan" or something but obviously you are just some future fat-cat-in-the-larval-stage waiting for your big break. You have created a following of cynical, paranoid, depraved n'er do wells, with a few idiot manchildren and damsels-in-distress sprinkled in for good measure. As far as "annoying" goes, look who's talking. Your bitchy rantings make you a poor role model for young women in Pakistan. You encourage immoral behavior and fuel misogyny. My art is universal.