February 18, 2011

Will Egypt move from one dictator to another?

Most likely.

Did the protest do any good?

Not really. Except for push up Al-Jazeera's TV ratings (maybe).

But is it not a good thing that people are really empowered?

Depends on your definition of empowered. What is the point of agitating when there is no clarity on what one is agitating towards? There need to be some sort of sustainable alternate government structure in mind when one goes about removing the powers-that-be.

But how else will change come? Atleast this way whoever comes to power will remember that the will of the people can topple a government.

Err, 29 years later, yes.

Why are you so cynical?

Why are you so naive?

Why do you believe that nothing good is going to happen?

Because nothing good ever does?

Isn't humanity inherently good?

So are sheep. Inherently good.

You're impossibly jaded.

It's better than being hopelessly idealistic.

Idealism gives you ideas for a better future.

Realism helps you understand that its more likely than not (given the current geo-political climate) that the world will end in 2012. One may as well plan for that, and live life accordingly.

Short term plans will help no one. One has to think ahead to future generations.

*hah* Perhaps it would be more responsible not to HAVE future generations. Family planning kids, is the only way to go.

Think about the world a 100 years from now. Would you want to see more of what's going on? If not, then why can't you think about driving towards change?

A hundred years from now I won't be thinking - or seeing - anything. I'll be dead. And so will you. Unless, ofcourse, you can prove to me that reincarnation exists and then I'm willing to become an environmentalist simply because as a future dung-beetle I may want to live in cleaner shit. That said, if I come back as a cockroach I'll survive the nuclear holocaust anyway (they say) and then the world will be MY oyster. No more pesky humans to squish me, I shall roam wherever I like and do whatever I want. I will be KING! (err, queen, but that's only if I come as a female cockroach). But you follow my general chain of thought, yes?

Yes. And hopefully you're one of very few who think like this because otherwise humanity is doomed.

As tempting as it is to think that humanity's fate depends on my sense of humor, I feel like you do me too much credit.




SaJ said...

Cockroaches shall win.
I can feel it.
Nice to meet your alter ego. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, eventually the universe itself will implode. Or not. As long as humankind is around, we will develop millions of contradictory explanations and projections for everything. I assume by cockroach you mean 'scarab' :P Beware the God-bug delusion.