February 21, 2011

when did the rosy pinks of childhood
change to a bright, garish red
like fresh blood
before it darkens to crimson
and then black
as it dies.

how did everything change
in the blink of an eye
how did my world turn upside down
and downside up

what happened to the path
I chalked out
once upon a time
when I explained to eager ears as young as I
just how my life was going to be.

where did the glory go
how did the colors fade
from black, and white
to so many-many shades of grey
its difficult to demarcate
right from wrong
good from bad
then from now.


Anonymous said...

I got the impression you were *born* seeing the world for its true colours. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!:)


- SH

Anonymous said...


jenneth said...

sighh...call me :)