February 22, 2011



Are we there yet?


shahrukh said...

However much I would love to see change, who will come and fill the vacuum?

OnLY OnE..! said...

Sounds exciting!
I miss travelling...

Anonymous said...

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I said...

I highly doubt it.
As much as we'd want to, we cannot.

Sam said...

A brilliant space you got here. See more of you..

Anonymous said...

put greece on ur list too

D said...

your readers think this is your travelling list? Hilarious. Ignorance at its best.

Anonymous said...

Depends, if you are still in PakiLand! Then yes, you guys should terribly take the streets. Its long overdue. Perhaps the only way to restore credibility of a beautiful country. Show courage. Its respected all over. And you have blessings from your neighbours!!!

Thoth said...

This is so original.
And so true. Damn. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

ok , when the number of comments outnumber the # of words in the post it is time for a new post! We haven't seen anything about food since your trip to Bangladesh. Is there nothing worth eating in Islamabad?

Anonymous said...

ps I mean, the more recent posts seem to describe how you are depriving yourself :P

Anonymous said...

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