February 15, 2011

My life is a series of temporary fixes.
Permanence shies away
as if she and me are the kind of once-upon-a-time friends
that are somewhat embarrassed to meet
after so very long
and have nothing left to say to one another
any more.

Like running water, I flow
from one stone to another
no sense in getting lost in too many details.

No, I do not know where I will be
this time tomorrow
but if you see me here (still)
drop by and say hi
and possibly good-bye.

there is a strange sort of comfort
in permanent transience
when nothing lasts
beyond a few stolen moments
a whispered caress,
a broken sentence,
an ardent wish,
sudden heartbreak
and then it's gone.

But then so am I.


Fareha said...

could describe my life to a T, unfortunately :(

Anonymous said...

Well said.