February 6, 2011

Ironies all around me today. A friend who just divorced her husband because he confessed to having sexual fantasies about men, wished another friend happy birthday. In response to the birthday wish he (who-does-not-know) says:

"thank you thank you. shadi shuda zindagi kaisi jaa rahee hai?
mian ko sidha kar diya hai?"

crash-and-burn, people. crash-and-burn.



Aneela Z said...

so the ex- couldnt share his Dekha ek Khwab before the Silsila began? I would suggest prospective candidates submit three recent dreams before sitting down for the tea trolley.

Xeb said...

I second that arrangement. I also blame (much-ly) a society that pressures gay men to stay in the closet (albeit doing their thing on he side) thereby ruining someone else's life in the process.

This friend of mine had been married (arranged) a little less than a year before he out-and-out said it, but their married life was stilted at best. And even when he did confess, he actually had the nerve to blame it on her that he was not attracted to her. Seriously, fairies I can handle, fruitcakes I cannot! *sigh*

Aneela Z said...

oho agar it was possible to sidha straighten someone I would have been having ahem breakfast at Vikram Seth's .

Xeb said...

Haha! :P

Deepak Iyer said...

Her reply: Ab tak na kar paaye, na aage kar payengay ..

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

I assume by crash-and-burn you are referencing Top Gun, which as far as I know made Tom Cruise famous before he was famous? Probably one of the few examples where Hollywood followed Bollywood - it seems like the Indians
lead the world in fighter-pilot dramas.

sharbet said...

This is really funny. What can you do but see the humour in the situation? (I hope your friend feels the same way.)
Also Aneela, Vikram Seth is bi (or so I hear) so you can have breakfast at his anyday.

Aneela Z said...

thankyou sharbet, just try to find out how he likes his eggs.