February 25, 2011

Finally, an article about Raymond Davis that makes perfect sense!

This piece by Bina Shah pretty much sums up many of my own sentiments about the too-celebated issue.

To put it succinctly:

1. I'm sure nobody is blameless. They never really are. I'm sure the men who were killed had something to do with their death. Idle passers-by they could not have been. The Islamic Republic is too good at intrigue to let this happen completely by accident.

2. It seem's quite likely that the CIA fucked up. They quite routinely do.

3. The whole situation is drama-overdose. In case everyone forgot (and they all-too-often-do) we have more pressing issues to protest over. Like the newest interior ministry proclamation that all students and artists have to obtain special clearance from the home department before they're allowed to exit the country. Like WTF. It's bad enough that we need visa's to travel, now we need internal clearances too? Idiots, the lot of them.

4. This country never feels to amuse me with its double standards. We cry and scream and shout about the fate of a US-based-killer who shot two people in cold blood and is now claiming diplomatic immunity, while we celebrate and send roses (and valentine gifts also, apparently) to the local-home-grown-killer who shot two people in cold blood and is now a national hero.

5. Finally, I think the media on the whole is whiny. Irresponsibly whiny. And unnecessarily whiny. As I keep telling a friend of mine who says too much when little should be said: 'filter's, please'.


Shhhh, it's a secret said...

The oracle has spoken.

Anonymous said...

The CIA is a bunch of fuckups. Hot on their heels of course, are the ISI, the FBI and these days Mossad. Got to hand it to MI6 for keeping itself out of the papers.