February 2, 2011

Egypt is inspirational! :)
(Other insanely cool protest signs are here)

On the way to work yesterday, I have a conversation with my minion about how I wish Pakistanis could be shaken out of our apathy a'la Egypt. She responds we already had our protesting days when we ousted Mush. (and what a waste of a good protest THAT was, say I). Any-the-how, she also pointed out Mubarak has 30 years of built up angst to combat. There's lots people can say about him. What do we say to Lord V? Get out of government you, you, you SLEAZY-INEFFECTIVE-CREEP? Perhaps not the most effective slogan. Still a pity, think I. But than again, it's not like we're starved for excitement here in Pakistan. What with bomb blasts and the blasphemers I think we've got enough drama to last us for OUR lifetime at any rate.

I wonder - often - whether the safe, stable, slow-to-change world that I remember while I was growing up was just - in actual fact - what I could see from the sheltered veil of childhood. I wonder if the world was always this crazy, and rapidly transitioning from chaos to chaos. The only difference was instead of reading an assortment of newspapers every morning, I woke up to school, punctuated by Enid Blyton, Sweet Valley (kids, twins, highs - I made the whole journey), Nancy Drews and eventually soppy-romance-novels. Bathroom reading then was not Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (book-of-this-month for me) or Persepolis (newest book purchased) but it lay somewhere along the realms of Judith McNaught and her cronies. MTV trumped news channels every day, and entertainment blogs were infinitely preferable to political crap. Except now its the other way round and every day I'm steeped in global intrigue.

Welcome to the world of grown-ups. Take it from me, it kinda really sucks!


Tazeen said...

tell me about it. If I had known, I would have refused to grown up.

Anonymous said...

What shall we call the political system in Pakistan - rotating dictatorship ?:P Hey, at least the faces change.

Gaia said...

Enid Blyton, Sweet Valley, Nancy Drew, Judith McNaught... *sigh*

Xeb said...

T: I regress every chance I get! :P'

Anon: True. I mean who cares who's in power. At the end of the day the government is still utterly useless. (bring-on-waves-of-apathy)

G: I know. Good days, those! :)

Saif said...

It was always this chaotic; we just lead sheltered lives.

Pakistanis have ousted 3 governments (Ayub, '67, Bhutto, '77, Mushy '08) through popular uprising; the military has attempted to put down popular uprisings at least 4 times (Lahore, '51, Banglasdesh, 1971, Balochistan 1974, 2005, and Swat 2009)

There was a pretty good post on the Dawn blog about the lack of a target for revolution in Pakistan. One could revolt against the status quo, but nobody really wants to.
Doesn't revolution kinda sorta require a dictator? Your Lord V is an elected prez. In any case, the Prez in Pakistan is a figurehead now, the only reason Lord V is even relevant is because he holds sway in the PPP.
Oh, and I still lurk here; just haven't had the energy to comment.
Hope you're doing ok!