February 10, 2011

Did You Know?
  • Chili prices in Indonesia have gone up ten-fold. Given how integral chili is to food, this is a problem as critical to the lives of the ordinary Indonesian as the sugar prices are to Pakistani's or onion prices to Indians. And no, apparently chili-sauces are not a suitable alternative to the real thing (and shame on you for suggesting it).
  • In England, from 1550 to 1800, a horrible creepy head-mask like the one below was used to punish 'rude, clamorous women'.

  • Canada is apparently rationing internet bandwidth. From what I can piece together from some very pissed off Canadians, service providers are authorized to charge users obnoxious amounts of additional money if they use the internet beyond the rationed amount. Who-would-have-thought?
  • That Bilal Khan will be on Coke Studio in the coming season? Way to go! :D Looking forward to hearing you rock-and-roll in May, my friend.
  • If you begin a post on Feb 10th, and publish it on Feb 12, blogger posts it under Feb 10? I'm not sure how this discovery is going to affect my blogging habits, but its something to know. Haina?
  • Sa has a list of favorite Urdu words. I have one too. 'Suno', 'Na (as in the last bit of Haina)', and 'Kameenay' top the list, I think. What are some of yours?


Ali said...

I think you accidently wrote 'India' instead of 'Indonesia' in that first bullet. :-)

my favourite Urdu word? I say 'farigh' alot. Lol. Although I really like the word 'Lerzish'. I thinknit sounds sexy. :-p

kay-without-a-tee said...

U'd rarely find someone who uses the word 'dil-chasp' in their daily Urdu conversation. I'm on the lookout for such people these days and trying to incorporate this word in my own lingo too! :D

anon music said...

The mask: sure, from a human rights perspective, it leaves something to be desired. Aesthetically, it's a fascinating piece that presages modernism , like this one.


Re: Well, Almonds from Afghanistan are selling at US $19.99 a pound, as of the market's close of Friday.
The shape is different, I'm curious about the mystique, besides the J. Peterman-eque alliteration.

Anonymous said...

Ahem! Apparently, a similar metal arrangement was used for womens lower body parts too.

Anonymous said...

(anon2) I really believe in the potential of the blog and the author. The charm, breadth, esotericism, sarcasm, and precision are sort of like the soul of William F. Buckley reincarnated as a woman from Pakistan.

Anj said...

I love 'tawaiif', especially said in a sigh-like voice.

Ugly Shoelace said...

Bilal Khan - The dude who sang Bachana? Wow. That's something to look forward to.

Favourite Urdu word - Erm, Maghaz or chussar. I think I like chussar better.