January 15, 2011

Sometimes, not all the time, but most definitely some-of-the-time, life is all about the little things. Things that make you forget about the larger (and more dismal) picture and appreciate what being alive is all about. Like a warm blanket, on a soft cushy rug on a winter night. Like apple-tea, and Grey's Anatomy and the satisfaction of having Christina back. Like friends who look after you, and indulge your whiny-ness, take you out when you need it and lend you their shower when there's no hot water. Like a sheet of snow that takes Islamabad completely by surprise. Like hot chocolate on a wet bench on top of a hill.

Life is full of tiny, happy moments.

Thank you God, for that :)


Thoth said...

I so love you. When you talk sense.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like an ad for Bed Bath & Beyond. Have you considered writing ad copy? Rather than just complaining all the time (though it is highly amusing), have you considered using your wonderful talents to help others? Perhaps you might teach your dark arts to those less fortunate, ie taciturn Pathan gamblers. It would be a way to take out all that pent up frustration and aggression, before the nostrils start flaring.

ibteda said...

Hey I just shared a clip from the breakfast show on my fb - recalled you wanted to marry the guy ;) tried to leave you a msg at Aunty Agony but she seems to have disappeared. Where did she go? Did she kick me off her list? ~sobs!

So how do I share the clip with you noe?