January 12, 2011

A court has jailed an imam and his 20-year-old son for life on blasphemy charges in Muzaffargarh, court officials said on Tuesday."

And here we go again.



Anonymous said...

They got off light. Haven't you been to a grocery store in the US? There's a reason why no one *EVER* takes down a single stupid poster, whether it advertises "crystal healing" "prenatal yoga classes" " discover yourself in Christ" "1978 Pontiac, $750 OBO" . People know better even here. What are you people trying to do?

Xeb said...

Err, yes. Thank you for that scintillating logic, clearly this - like everything else that happens to us - is something to snicker about. Your sense of humor, is commendable.

Anonymous said...

Fine, statement is retracted. Consider, however, that is is more than one way to look at humor regarding a tragedy.