November 13, 2010

Whiny blog post, anyone? Chief gripe for this week: FM 89 seems to have given Khalid-from-The-Breakfast-Show an extended leave of absence. Which would be fine, were it not that I have gotten used to waking up to his voice every morning and hearing other people on the radio where Khalid's-voice-ought-to-be is strangely jarring. Pliss to be getting him back now, enough vacation-time already! Thank-you.

In other news, I needs a new laptop. I actually bought one last week, a Vaio, but ended up gifting it to mommy instead. And now I needs one for me. My poor red Dell Studio (which I love) is falling apart day by day and begging for early retirement. *sigh*

Just in case anyone was wondering, Action Replay is a perfectly awful cheap-Indian-movie. Akshay Kumar has the most annoying set of fake dentures and Aishwarya is an overdone stereotype. The movie itself is a bad rip-off of 'Back to the Future', but Indianized appropriately to make a love story out of it (because what else will sell to the downtrodden masses except glorious promises of true-love). A son, tired of seeing his parents bear the burden of an arranged marriage where they clearly hate each other decides to use a newly invented machine (which sort of looks like an electric blue egg) and swivel off into the past to see if he can just make them fall in love and thereby spare himself a dysfunctional childhood. Part of his motivation for absconding to the land of psychedelic swirls is - we suspect - a desire to run away from a clingy girlfriend, but after taking a few good looks at her we really can't blame him. Plus his parents (and their inane fights) would make anyone press a dubious red button and zap themselves out to outer space (on route to the past) in a flimsy blue egg. Perfectly understandable. What is not understandable, is why people from the past are not the in least bit jarred by the presence of a citified, futuristic boy with an endless supply of T-shirts and an awful hairstyle running around playing havoc with their love-lives. Bottom line: I had a great time watching the movie, but it's not one of those I'd ever recommend to anyone for fear that they'd run after me trying to cut my heart out with a blunt spoon. But that said, my experience with Action Replay only goes to prove one thing: good company can make up for absolutely anything! :P

Good times, busy times. Onwards to a report I go, trying to finish off a rather intense work assignment before I pop off to Karachi for Eid. Wish me luck. Ciao, my loves.


Ali said...

Which series vaio did you buy??

F, EB, EC?

And for how much? Please, i am in a fix whether to get a vaio or HP, as vaio got very bad led back lighting and worse viewing angles.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Thats what my life seems to all about right now.... My search for good company.... :P

Xeb said...

A: I bought the E series ( Mommy seems to like it, I haven't used it so I can't tell you, but I'm a big fan of Dell for the most part my only gripe is I have to buy off the shelf and I want to customize my own laptop!

LPS: Mine too :)

Anonymous said...

Khalid is back on air on monday!

Xeb said...

Ironically, today of all days I may not be going in to work till 10 *sigh*