October 28, 2010

You know you've made some strange life choices when....

... you get asked out by three different men in one week - all of whom have the same first name.

... the sweetest gift you've gotten in a long-long time is a pair of red and white weight-lifting gloves.

... after years of making fun of them, you realize how acutely you empathize with aunties who bitch and moan about ruining their manicure.

... its been almost two years since you arrived in this place, and it still doesn't feel like home.

... you socialize with more people than you ever have before, but you can count the number of 'friends' you have on your finger-tips.

... you're still dealing with the implications of being a bit-too-emancipated for a Pakistani woman, when you are suddenly accused of being too-conservative.

... when somebody tells you (in a very romantic sort of way) they want to get to know you better-than-anyone-else, and you think how much easier it would be to tell him to go away and read your blog.

... you have a long, complicated (somewhat confidential) business discussion, on facebook-chat.

... you're tired of 'getting-to-know-people'. You realize that if you were any good at it, there would a hell of a lot more people you 'know' and a lot less random acquaintances in your life.


Amrita said...

dont let them read ur blog is what ive learnt :P

the whole fun is the process of getting to know u. let it be real day-to-day life and not virtual.
sorry for a bit of unsolicited advice there

PehlaykaNataa said...

me loves this post

kay-without-a-tee said...

strangely, since i rejected K's proposal, i've been meeting so many K-named men. In all the 2 decades or so before this year, I only knew one. Cursed, am i?

Ali said...

apart from the last one, i think something is fishy ;p which is obvious, but thats what it all makes life livable, dont-you-think?

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Is it just me or something really weird happened to u... Im reading your blog after a while and its seems something not so good happened... Just Relax and chill

Anonymous said...

I bet you'd like boxing!