October 12, 2010

Says I, to Peter Pan, Why me? Given the host of lovely ladies out there who would be extremely grateful to bask in the glory of your flamboyance, why persevere in this direction? I freely admit it's difficult not to be flattered by so much attention from a man who is both charming, and interesting. And it is true that were I not in the place where I am right now perhaps I would be tempted to give in and go play with yet another boy-who-will-never-grow-up. But I'm not there anymore, and I'm not likely to return. So why, ask I, continue to fight a losing battle?

Because, says he, 'nobody' turns me down.

And there you have it. Suddenly, I'm a challenge.

Seriously, the stupidity (and the predictability) of the male of the species never ceases to amaze me. I wish Mr. Pan would understand, that I'm really not hard to get at all. I just know what I want, and he is not it.


Deepak Iyer said...

Haven't you heard the quote: Don't marry someone you love; marry someone who loves you.

Congrats on the wedding. Do upload pics.

fatima- said...

so the black is back -

Xeb said...

D: Don't jump the gun darling! I suspect I still have miles to go before I sleep.

f: Err, say what?

fatima- said...

ur theme-

Deepak Iyer said...

(Not sure I got that.)

Jaded said...

Peter Pan syndrome? Is it viral you think especially in Islamabad? :)

And as to the general characteristics of the male species, my facebook status simply states phooeeeyyyy!!

Xeb said...

f: Oh haan! I forgot about that! I'm still playing with it though.

D:(Translated: No wedding pictures forthcoming for quite some time!

J: It is, I think. And phooeeyyy sounds just about right! :)

Rakhi said...

Peter Pan synodrome - ha ha ha! Men will always be men I suppose. I see that you're busy warding off unwanted attention yet again.