October 1, 2010

On Saturday, an American colleague decided to send us some important documents he had finished working on. We expected the package on Monday, but when it didn't come in we assumed it would be in by Tuesday. On Wednesday, we asked the office to call him and get hold of the tracking number for the package. He said he didn't recall if he noted it down, but he'd get hold of it and let us know. On Thursday we call him again, and we ask him to give us any (and all) details we can use in order to track the damn-document which is now way overdue. He responds, rather indignantly, that he's sent us the documents via Pakistan Post a week ago, and he has no idea why they have not reached us.

Shoot. Me. Now.

Who the hell uses the Pakistan Post-Office and actually expects anything to be delivered on time? Clearly our ferangi-friends need a reminder that they're not in fucking-Kansas anymore!



Alpha Za said...

jeez. Apparently FED Ex didn't fit in their budget.

Deepak Iyer said...

On the other hand, you now know what prospective suitors are supposed to use to send you their profile .. [;)]

Xeb said...

A: You'd think. Right? :P

D: Very good point Deepak! *hehe*

Saif said...

So, did you remind your ferangi friends that they're not in Kansas anymore?
Or are you waiting for them to read the blog?

Fazeel said...

hahaha you will get the package in small matter of time of six months:P

Xeb said...

S: I sent them a polite, professional email letting them know their choice of postal service was probably not the most accurate, or effective. I asked them please re-send the document, and this time use our preferred courier service. I told them we would be happy to reimburse them for the additional expense. And THEN I vented on my blog! :P

F: I know! And it becomes super-frustrating that this was a very important document! *sigh*

Ali said...

well, i use Pakistan post:P

well, its not that bad, actually. 10 days it takes for a minimal cost of 52 rs to send a parcel of 20 grams in the US :P

And in 8 rs. i can send a letter across the country it only takes 3 days to reach :P