October 27, 2010

I wish I was a more mathematical person. If so, then I would definitely make a feasibility before I jump into things I have no business exploring. I would quantify the benefits (short and long term) and I'd compare them to the risks involved in a very mature manner. A little bit of pontification later and chances are I'd hit upon a formula of how-to-proceed that works for me. But the truth is, once-upon-a-long-long-time-ago maths and I waved at each other from far away and then proceeded to go our separate ways, never to meet again. So now, instead of making clever, calculated decisions, I decide what to do at each step of my life, based on a lethal combination of mood and whimsy. Naturally, this often leads to situations that garner eventual regret, but somehow I can't seem to prevent myself from emotional indulgence. There was a time, when this particular tendency to do-what-I-want-now-and-deal-with-the-consequences-later would have been charming, in an adventurous kind of way, but now I have come to find this aspect of my personality distinctly tiresome. How many times, asks the unfortunate-adult-deep-within, am I going to have to bear the brunt of your stupid-thoughtless decisions? That, I don't know, say I, all I know that the child is not yet done having fun. And there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it.



Girish said...

I think i share same conscience about maths with u !!!

Very well put.

Again , happy to say , 'And there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it'

kay-without-a-tee said...

an easier way is to marry the accountant that u are to destined to marry anyway, and then let him do all the calculations for u!

Anj said...

or marry a Count?

Xeb said...

G: :)

k: Err, kidhar se milega accountant for accounting?

A: Now THAT is a good strategy. You got any Counts lined up for me? *hopeful grin*

PehlaykaNataa said...

being good in maths does not mean its easy to be calculative in real life

had that been the case, all the bitches would have been maths experts
and Einstien would have bowed for Lord V:)