October 11, 2010

Another quake. It felt a lot stronger this time, all my books fell out of the shelf, and there's a crack on my wall (which I'm not sure was not there before) which worries me a little. It's storming out there and every few seconds the world outside my window is illuminated almost blindingly. Thunder is a low impatient rumble in the air. Mother Nature is somewhat pissed at us today, it seems.

I'm lying in bed, wondering how to get back to sleep and knowing that if I don't, I will pay for it three short hours later when it's time to get up for the grind. Plus Monday's are bad enough without adding sleep deprivation to the list of crap one has to put up with. Somebody sing me a lullaby or something. *sigh*


ares said...

if its any consolation..wondering along exactly similar lines here..

Xeb said...

According to one of the trainer's at my gym most of the morning appointments skipped class because they couldn't sleep all night. It seems like quake unnerved most of Islamabad! :S