September 5, 2010

Okay darlings, some help required. Where in the motherland (Islamabad/Karachi) can I go to buy:
  • Jeans (brand not particularly important, fit/feel very important)
  • T-Shirts (funny-funky ones)
  • High-heeled shoes (comfort, essential)
  • Laptop (thinking about a Sony Vaio, but I'm open to suggestions)
  • Cell phone (Possibly a Blackberry, other options are welcome)
  • Digital Camera (not too expensive)


Huma Imtiaz said...

Jeans: Zainab market

High-heeled shoes: Charles and Keith.

Laptop: Sasi Arcade, Clifton

Cell phone: Blackberry! Get it from Boat Basin, you'll get it at 2-3k cheaper than if you got it from your mobile service provider.

Digital camera: Abdullah Haroon road, the camera market there. I got mine from a store on Tariq Road though, near Mr. Burger

poisson said...

Did you just get your paycheck:)

Xeb said...

H: Thank you kindly! I'll be home soon, will you come shopping with mee?? *hopeful grin*

p: No, but I did finalize my Eid- shopping list :P

Huma Imtiaz said...

No! Shopping with you is disastrous for my bank balance. But irresistible too -okay yes we'll go shopping! x

Xeb said...

Yay! :) I luurve you! Will call when I hit Karachi!

Thoth said...

-Jeans + T shirts. Stone age cheap yet extremely extremely comfortable. My local fav ever since Wrangler wrapped up from Pk.

-High heeled shows. Trust your own judgement, i only know Gore-Tex.

-Laptop. Dell Inspiron series. Ci5s or Ci7s. Depending upon your spending powers. Not many girly colors available but extremely robust and slick.

-Cellphone. Blackberry huh?? They are ugly, slow, UGLY, terrible cameras, UGLY, have a mouse, UGLY, look UGLY, limited applications, UGLY. Even iPhone is better. Go for Android or Nokia N97 or Xperia X2. Did i mention BBs are UGLY.

-Digital Camera. Canon DSLR. A retarded friend of mine has bought one and you can't imagine the finesse he is able to pull off with a DSLR. Insane.

No more anonymity. Why would you put me through the trouble of signing in everytime. I will be more infrequent then.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hey i need those things too.. Except for the high heeled shoes and cell phone... :P

Xeb said...

T: Peww-Anon was responsible for my removing the anonymity clause. Sorry. Don't be too much of a stranger! :)

Ps: Thanks for the tips. Will definitely check out stoneage. I already have a Dell, am wanting a change of machine now. Peer pressure (BBN Pin) makes me think very seriously about the Blackberry (even though I agree, it's somewhat ugly), and I don't have the money for a DSLR, a regular digicam will have to do!

uglyduckling91 said...

Did someone say ugly?

Ask someone to get a laptop for you from the States or somewhere. They're much cheaper there.
Don't get a netbook. They're stupid, slow and stupid again.

poisson said...

Oh and dont dont dont get hp laptop/notebook! they overheat. And dont get a dslr-its a task to carry them to places.

ordered-chaos said...

I agree with Thot about BB, YUCK! heard the samsung wave is pretty cool with its new BADA OS

Thoth said...

Then buy a decent Nokia N series. Very good cameras and functionality.

Dell has the cheapest Ci processors. They are awesome.

And i do hate to be the voice of reason, to oh-so-many-people.


Xeb said...

ud: That's a good thought, but I actually don't know anyone doing the to-and-fro-ing who'd bring over a laptop for me, so I suppose local will have to do.

p: HP I've totally sworn off! And Dell I'm sick of AND I want a pretty computer,ergo.

T/OC: I have a Nokia E-75, I broke it. (sigh)

PehlaykaNataa said...

jeans- peshawer
T shirts - Mardan
high-heeled shoes - north waziristan (best shops near kabul)
laptop / cellphone / digital - karachi kay bahi log ke pass se

PehlaykaNataa said...

and i hate the new zabaradasti ka login


Naqsh said...

Jeans - Crossroads or Gen Y on in Blue area.
T Shirts - Have no idea
High Heels - Umm Stylo or Stiletto in Jinnah Super.
Laptop - there's this shop right beside Rahat Bakery where I saw Sony Vias and Digital Cameras but the cameras were pretty expensive.
Blackberry - At any cell phone shop, but the word is blackberry services are soon to be banned so don't get it if you were getting it solely for the services.

Asfandyar said...

Vaio's are shit laptops. Filled to the brim with bloatware and you end up paying a premium for a product that's more style than substance. Dell's your best option for getting bang for buck, but if money isn't much of a concern going for a laptop go with the Vaio. But, remember, some Vaio's overheat to the point of destruction, so update your vaio immediately when you get it.

Screw blackberry and the BB pin stupidity. Go for an Android based phone. The HTC Desire is probably the best phone in the world at the moment (all things considered) and you can get it for around 46k. Genuinely worth it, in my opinion. It will have battery issues (like every smartphone) to the extent that you'll be charging it everyday, but you get a phenomenal phone for the effort.

Mobilink is offering the Motorola Droid as well in a blackberry services type package - it's worth a punt as well.

Xeb said...

P: Blame anon, not me.

poisson said...

Get tshirts from uth oye, gullak or (i think its called) daku

magpie said...

I am not from Pakistan ( tho I'd looovvveee to visit and sample the yummy yummy food) but am in LOVE with the simple point and shoot Canon sd 1300. ( they have rechargeable batteries which last forever and take AHMAYZING pics) I even look thinner in them. Stumbled upon your blog ( V. Nice btw) and thought id share my Canon sd series lurvve.
Ps: I dont work for Canon