September 15, 2010

I itch to apply for a PhD. But I can't bring myself to so much as download an application. I am a terrible, procrastinating sort of person and I should be ashamed of myself.

Work is a-little-nutty aaj kal. There's a lot to do, and even though there's also a lot of time to do it, I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed by it all. I've been asked to come up with concept for a new project that's been germinating for a while. As I work towards it, I realize that I've suddenly come to detest the phrase 'out-of-the-box'. It seems to be that it is perhaps the trite-est, most fucking-annoying line that people throw at you when they have no idea what they want you to do. Come up with the something-out-of-the-box, why don't you, while we sit back and shoot down everything you throw at us. *bang-bang* your idea is dead, now go away and think up another one. And remember, bara out-of-the-box hona chahiye. *sigh*

I'm still slogging-away at those fitness goals. Somewhere down the line, it's stopped being something I 'had' to do to prevent my ass from becoming larger than my office-chair and become something I 'want' to do. Seriously, I think signing up for gym was one of the smartest decisions I ever took. Some days, it's the best part of my day! :) Also, now that 'cheat-day' happens once a week, disgusting-diet has become somewhat bearable. The move may have been a little drastic (as most things in my life tend to be) but it was the only way to break away from the many evils associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

It's amazing how unhealthy living in the motherland is, if you don't watch what you're doing. Think about it: we don't walk (full stop). Lots of perfectly valid reasons for that: not a lot of things are within walking distance, walking may not be safe anyway - next thing you know you're held up at gunpoint or worse kidnapped and held for ransom, if nothing else the eve-teasers on the road are enough to drive you crazy. So you don't walk, instead drive from point A (home) to point B (office) where you get out of the car and sit down at your desk. Exercise from that point on is limited to ogling the computer screen and - occasionally - moving from desk-to-desk to check out what people are up-to. In between, you treat yourself to khaana-steeped-in-oil, as most things indigenous to the motherland are. Work ends, you drive home, stopping - occasionally - for more food with friends or family. You get home, you're knackered, you go to bed. In general, your social life is limited to sitting around tables (at assorted places) enjoying yet-more food with the nearest-and-the-dearest. Terrible, isn't it? *sigh*

I met someone yesterday who's campaigning to bring motor-sports to Pakistan. An interesting ambition, that. Methinks it's about time I acquired an interesting ambition as well. What-oh-what, do 'you' think, I can offer Pakistan? Socho, and let me know. And remember, bara out-of-the-box hona chahiye! :P


Gaia said...

start a women's networking forum and organize random get-togethers... it can be wacky and fun :)

Xeb said...

*hehe* Some of those are really random! :P

Very, err, out-of-the-box! ;)

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. May be they should completely do away with the box. Everything, then, would be out-of-the-box. Everything!:P Hehe!:)

- Saadia

p.s. I likeeee the new blog look. Tres funky!

Xeb said...


Alpha Za said...

By out of the box they mean that something that they haven't thought off themselves but can still comprehend and feasibly pass off as Their own idea.

You live in Punjab. There is no escape; Accept your Fate and get fat happily.

I read a proposal to bring the Lotto to Pakistan. Retardedly Profitable numbers.

Xeb said...

Hehe, spot-on, my friend spot-on.
But for the record, I live in the Islamabad Capital Territory. I therefore have no excuse to embrace the fatness. And I no like Lotto idea, we already have a bunch of useless numbers floating around. I think they call them 'statistics' :P

Alpha Za said...

The rest of the country considers you Punjabi. Despite the Imperialistic name. Don't fight it. Imagine how happy your life having 6 lassis everyday.....before lunch.

Haha, Useless Numbers; Nay! Profitable ones! Numbers make the world go round round...and make it easier to swindle people who don't understand them.

Xeb said...

*haww-the-haii* I don't swindle people. Sharam karo! Here I am talking about positive contribution to the motherland, and you talk about ripping people off. Are you related to Lord V, perchance? :P

Alpha Za said...

Lord V is my untalented, goody two shoes cousin. I'm the respectable one.

My happiness is a positive contribution to the motherland.

Sharam...does not compute.

I said it was easier, in no way, shape or form did I allude to any dishonesty on my part ;)

Besides, all business ventures live and die by the numbers....and the lassi consumption of your Punjabi bretheren :P

Jenneth said...

Apply for the Ph.D you dingbat procrastinator. Remember your options are either DC or NYC ;)

Xeb said...

Did you just call me a dingbat? How rude! *hmph*

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hey im looking for something productive to do myself... *begs u to let me into any idea that u may have*