August 8, 2010

Yesterday night at dinner we have a conversation on which one of us was most un-marriageable. Each trying to out do the other, we put together a fairly formidable list, living alone in Islamabad (nearly all of us subscribed to that one), too-focused on career, do not know how to cook, do not know how to do other mindless household tasks (to the standards set by a future mother-in-law), do not know how to stich/sew (spend too much money on clothes) and we went on and on until T spoke up:

'I'm living alone and PhD in Feminism'

Can't argue with that.

She won! :P


Minerva said...




She's doomed.

Sakhmeth said...

Can't help but wonder, why? Feminism and marriage aren't polar are feminists too. But somehow, conservative cultures seem to link feminism with things like: absolute dislike for men, absolute attraction to women, butch body types and an unnatural ability to burp and swear like a truck driver.

True story. :)

Xeb said...

M: :)

S: There's nothing wrong with T. I think she's make a someone a great wife! It's the larger cultural context (which you just described) that's against her. Imagine having a daughter-in-law who's a feminist!?! The horror of it is unimaginable!