August 31, 2010

Say's Sadaf (who I don't know) in response to my whining on Aunty-Agony (who I do know):


Specially for Xeb: Four simple steps to making it okay.

1. Get a tazer aka a stun gun.
2. Taze whoever is making it 'not okay' and make them run far far away.
3. Find who ever WILL make it okay.
4. Threaten to taze them, till the get off their asses and make it all okay. :D


Interesting approach. Magar where in the motherland am I supposed to find a stun-gun? Much easier to find a revolver and shoot the fucker dead. Don't-you-think?


Anonymous said...

Draging .. hahaha

kay-without a tee! said...

you just publicly announced a trace to your personal space! ouch,no?

Xeb said...

Anon: Err, okay then.

k: It's okay. Not everyone is as smart as you are! :P

ibteda said...

LoL Xeb I am Sadaf - You kind of know me through my blog I guess.

You can find stungun on :D Hubby just got one and I am in awe of it, people run miles even though they know e wont ever really USE it on em, but it is a real fun thing to have. As long as you are careful with it.

Xeb said...

Hello-Hello! Seems like I do know you after all! :P What a small world it is! :)