August 17, 2010

Life moves on so fast, you turn back seconds later to see that nothing is as you left it. A few days ago, I was in I.House surrounded by a bunch of people I'd grown to love. Yesterday, I was sitting in a cab waving goodbye. Today, they've all moved on. In the space of a month, everyone who lived the life we once lived has left to go somewhere else, and do something else and suddenly it seems like I have no one left to envy anymore.

M, is in Paris, where she's been for a year now. Shubs just got kicked out, she going to be living a few blocks away. A is going to be kicked out in a few weeks, and joining the ranks of the hobos on Times Square. Jen betrayed the city by moving to Brooklyn (:P), R is on a pretend-honeymoon in Dubai, N is haunting the streets of NY hoping someone will hire him, K is married now and living the good life in Philly. Ms. Tsang just got kicked out too, but I have no idea where she is until I receive the promised email. T is job-bing in French Polynesia, C in Haiti. E is back in Italy, undoubtedly planning a coup (hey, us Pakistanis, we're good teachers). P is living with a German boy, I'm not sure how, or where, or why (the grapevine is sketchy on details, sorry). V went underground because of a stalker situation but I hear she's surfaced again. J is in South Africa using my picture to make a movie (I kid you not, it's actually happened. My photographs are starring in films people! :P).

And I'm in Pakistan wondering how I'm going to plan my grand return with nobody left to welcome me home.


Ps: And S is suffering daily crises (of assorted varieties) in Philadelphia where he spends his time watching movies and devising plans for world domination. Occasionally both at the same time.


Mobeen said...

Distance matters? It doesn't or might be yes even in this era of communication.

People?, yes they are likely to jolt your life for sometime or as long as they are with you,

but memories , on the other hand, are like gently flowing river. You are free to jump in it any time, as long as you love to swim. With each dip you feel better and much stronger bond with them.

People around you, at the moment, can serve as good alternative.


T said...

What exactly do you mean by 'kicked out'? S got kicked out?

Xeb said...

M: Distance matters only if you're not fond of facebook reunions! :P And it's not people being distant that bothers me, it's like suddenly home is no longer home.

T: I.House, where we all lived has a policy where you can only stay in the building for three years, after which you're ineligible and need to move out into the real world. Needless to say, it kinda sucks!

kay-without a tee! said...

I kinda agree with Mobeen. Daydreaming is one hell of a satisfying thing! Just dont expect it to happen in real life!

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

U have got some really interesting friends... :)

Xeb said...

K: Well, if at-some-deep-down-inside-level, one cannot expect any of the things one day-dreams about to happen in real life, there would be no point in day-dreaming would there? I'm all about dreams aaj kal. Here's hoping they come true! :)

LPS: That I definitely do :)

kay-without a tee! said...

I've had enough disappointment and hurt from reasonable dreams not coming true, to last me a lifetime. I agree,its very very very very hard to dream and then not hoping for it to come true. I still need to keep reprimanding myself to not wanting it to happen, because it only leads to sorrow!

Xeb said...

Then you may as well not dream at all Haina?