August 19, 2010

In other news, I have a rather persistent admirer (the one who threatened to kill himself) who calls me about twenty times a day, and who sends me sms's that are essay-long filled with entreaties on how I should be 'frainds' with him. Given his insistence on how he'll throw himself off a cliff (or indulge in more imaginative suicidal activities) were I not to become his, I keep being annoyed (with every subsequent essay-sms) that he's still alive. Perhaps I should tell him that the only way he'll get me to love him will be if he proves that he's a man of his word. Then, and only then, will he ever be able to win himself a place in my heart. Kya karein? It's a tough world out there people.

Open offer (because I'm so generous):
If anyone would like to take him from me (come on, you know you could do with one more admirer), I would be happy be give you his phone number. I mean for all his faults, he's clearly faithful. And in this feckless, feckless world, what-else-can-a-girl want? Haina?


Mobeen said...

Certainly nothing is more important than one's own respect, Loving someone is a natural phenomenon. Which is admiring as it's the most sacred emotion on planet 'EARTH'. It is because of this 'LOVE' someone starts giving much more respect to the one whom (S)he love. I can't understand why a person starts degrading his own self incase if he fails to catch her attention isn't it enough for him that he is acting according to the desire of the person whom he loves. People in failures start acting abnormal to the extent they want to finish their lives, how could they? Love makes your heart bigger, bigger enough to accept anything for the sake of your beloved, but people reacts as it shrank to the level , which is out of their tolerance.

Another Sad evidence from you, confirms it isn't love but an obsession and an obsession ends when you got your desire.

And obviously the best way to keep yourself away from something which you don't like is to keep avoiding it till the point the other starts believing you have no existance.


Ubaid said...

hahah God you are so generous! Mai sadkay jaoun...

and lol its fun to have such people around? Hai na

check out the one I recently got, read her/his comment... mine one is WELL EDUCATED ;p link=>

Xeb said...

M: I'm not sure I'd like people to believe I have no existence! :P

UB: That was an, err, interesting commenter. Poor you!

Anonymous said...

I have always made a point that such idiots are reported to my service provider. One of them was a complete moron and kept bugging me after multiple reports. Finally, after threatening mobilink customer service guys that I'd go to the company head (I mentioned his name in my conversation), I got rid of the idiot.

It's not obsession. It's "having too much time and not having anything constructive to do".

Xeb said...

Would you believe I actually changed service providers because Mobilink is the only one that will not let me block people from calling/sms-ing me? All the others have wised up, but mobilink persists in letting freedom of speech be the order of the day. Idiots!

Ps: I should call Telenor and get rid of the chappy once and for all, now that you mention it.

Ubaid said...

Hehe, yeah I have more interesting people around then you, and I have more interesting life then you :p :p

na na nnaaaa :p

and well do you want to lose the chance go of seeing blood bath? Enjoy him, rather then blocking him... coz if he SOOOO loves you he'd be changing many numbers just for YOU ;)

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

LOL... hey come on mobilink isn't that bad... :P

btw i can block the SMS service from 1 number to the other.... but thats not official.. :P

Ms.R. said...

You can ignore his smses. For how long can he keep at it? He'll give up Insha Allah.