August 21, 2010

I'm overspending again.
Koi roko mujh ko!


Purple said...

*Taps on the shoulder, snatches the money and runs away* :P

The only way to *Roko* you :P

kay-without a tee! said...

tell us what you are spending on....we'll tell u how much u needed that stuff.....and then, u can stop feeling guilty!

Xeb said...

P: No-No! Don't steal my money! What will I spend if I have no money?! :P

k: I bought clothes, two joras from a designer friend. I also treated myself to spa session. All-in-all a really nice weekend! :)

kay-without a tee! said...

Let me tell you, how deserving you were of the designer joras, and you really needed that spa session. You worked hard all week, whats the use of money if you cant make yourself happy with it. Nothing in this world is more important than your happiness. These little sources of monetarily-induced highs are what makes the life worth living. Remember that, always!

P.S. kuch zada hogaya, nahi? :)

Xeb said...

Haha, thora sa! But I appreciate the effort! :P

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Heyy if ur not gona spend on urself thn who ur gona spend it on.... :P

Purple said...

you don't need to shop, itna kuch closet mein para hai, and nails and spa? No way.
Put Henna on them :P

*Acts like a random aunty*

Xeb said...

LPS: Good point! :P

P: But random aunty, how else will I find a boy to marry? I need to look good, and have shiny nails and new-new joras with matching heels. And my hair has to always be in place, and my skin has to be always-glowing. It was all there in the how-to-catch-a-Pakistani-man book. I believe you wrote it! Haina?

Purple said...

All you need to do is sit at my table at the shaadis. :P

Xeb said...

Aunty you need to invite me to said Shaadi's na! Main kahin jaaongi nahin toh kisi se miloongi kaise?! :P

kay-without a tee! said...

fool proof way to catch a pakistani man:

- pick your choice of atleast 3 major shadis in town. Do your research about eligible laundays attending beforehand. dance on item numbers like there's no tomorrow, not letting anyone else come near u.

Lots of fake love and a single left-sided-hawai-puppi,

Aunty you only see on shadi!

Purple said...

Kay love, dont you think she'd be catching the wrong Laundas attention then? :P

*Switches roles, puts a grey haired wig, a pair of glasses and covers head with a duppatta*

Beta, Yes. This weekend, I shall take you along. Your cousin, who happens to be my daughter. her husband's, brother's wife's cousin's mother in law's friend's daughter is getting married.:P