August 15, 2010

I have a pet theory that my Indian friends, unfortunately, don't always agree with, even though it makes perfect sense to me. I figure, if I repeat it enough times the nay-sayers are bound to see the inherent logic within. And then the world will begin to make sense again, and all will be well. Which is what we always wanted. Right?

So here's the theory. And remember, truth is always a bitter pill, but for all that how long can we hold on to our delusions? Embrace reality, my love, embrace reality. Facts, after all, are non-negotiable. Haina?


Ps: Happy Indian Independence Day.

Pps: You know I love you guys! :P


kay-without a tee! said...

hahaha....this was hilariously true! Im converted! wonder why nobody else sees it this way. :D

Xeb said...

*yay* One more convert. Welcome to (the only) correct reading of the historical fact of partition! ;)

Anuradha said...

I knew this already. :P

This is a little late, I'm afraid, but happy (belated) independence day to you :)

How do we know said...

well.. we love u too.. even if we dont always agree.. sigh! Pak and India separated from a joint entity that was neither india nor pak. hows that for a theory?

Xeb said...

A: :) To you too!

H: Hehe, come on now! You don't have to patriotic on me now.You know I'm right, you KNOW it! *manic laughter* ;)