August 28, 2010

FM-89 threw a new gaana at me on the way home from work today by a boy-band from Lahore named SYMT. Frankly I wasn't paying much attention to the song, until the great beat gave way to lyrics that literally forced me to stop, *blink*, and suddenly start listening. For a minute I couldn't quite believe what was being said, and when I realized that they actually WERE singing what-I-thought-they-were-singing I was literally in fits of laughter. I mean seriously, is it just me or do the lyrics: 'thand pave gi, kaleje dil daa, pyaar di gandheri, pyaar di gandheri choom le' have you rolling on the floor also? :P

Ps: Despite (or because of) the highly suggestive lyrics, the song is actually pretty good. Check it out:


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Guess u haven't heard the song on punjabi mujra tapes :P

Xeb said...

Err, I'm afraid Punjabi mujras don't really feature too highly on my must-watch list! :P

Ali said...

It's not choom le. It's CHOOP le. Literally, to suck. :-p

Xeb said...

Ick. You serious? :P

Purple said...

Suggestive much? :P
The title made my eyes go O_O
Especially after Ali's comment, I shall pass :P

Have ever imagined how some lyricist and poets get away by saying things people like these don't :P

Purple said...

Ghalti hogayi Taubah tuabah :P
Uff :P
Okay so as I said earlier that I'd be a shareef bachi and not listen to the song. Well, I sorta went on youtube a while ago and heard. Uff and It was not the version posted here. I thank God that I did not watch the video.

I would I have died of torture :P
Btw, It was a lady singing =/

Xeb said...

Dude! Totally not the same song. Apparently this (SYMT version) is a rock version of an old Punjabi mujra song. Listen to this one. The lyrics remain offensively suggestive, but the beat is sort-off nice! :P

CrazyLady said...

The song's an amalgamation of Naseebo Laal songs. EVERYONE knows about Pyaar Dee Ganderi. It caused the woman to be banned from the airwaves.

Purple said...

Yeah the beat is nice.
I think I heard the same Punjabi mujra song my accident :$ :P

Ahhh *Runsaway*

Xeb said...

C: I suppose that would be EVERYONE but me! :P I wonder how long before SYMT is banned. Although I do think that this is a classier version.

P: Silly girl. Why would you go youtube it when the song is right here for you to play? Serve you right for being over-efficient! :P

Purple said...

Ghalti hogayi baji, Maaf karden? :P