August 4, 2010

Doubt is difficult to deal with. It would be so much easier, think I, if someone leaked out the grand plan and gave it to me to read one night. Then I could make little cheat-sheets, and keep them handy to refer to when life throws things at me I don't understand. Like road maps, that tell me where to go, what to say, what to do. Save me the trouble of all this over-think. Haina?

It's been a depressing day. The weather's been with me on this one, grey and gloomy. Gym-that-took-my-blood tells me there's something wrong with the results (I shall find out more tomorrow) and I'm vitamin D deficient. Oh well, add one more to the list of my deficiencies why-don't-you?

Interestingly, I and my family (or guardians, whichever applies) were invited to a 'matchmaking event'. I kid-you-not, someone cooked up a desi version of speed-shaadi where your family (cultural context still very important babies) purchases tickets to a dinner held at a fancy restaurant where other families with similar ambitions attend. You're encouraged to 'network' with prospective in-laws, and if something seems right, meet up later to talk real shaadi-business. Although I'm appalled at the thought of subjecting myself to such brazen marital pursuit, I'm totally intrigued. When you think about it, it's actually rather clever. And undoubtedly profitable venture for marriage-obsessed Pakistan.

Speaking of which, my (younger) brother took a flying leap off the single boat last week. Someone congratulates me on his engagement today, and then says oh-so-snidely, did they get tired of waiting for you to go first then? I smile (while mentally throwing the annoying SoB off a cliff) and tell him they probably did. *sigh*

Chalo koi nai, atleast work is good. I may be single, but I'm not broke.

Shopping, anyone? :P


Purple said...

Isn't it oh so killing when someone asks you that!!

Yes please lets go!! :P

kay-tee said...

I dont know whether to laugh at that person's audacity, or ring his/her's neck? :D

If it makes u feel normal, relatives these days are speculating about how enthusiastic I would be at a first cousin's wedding by the end of this year(whether I would make new shadi clothes or make do with my old, hardly worn ones, will I go up on stage as a sister for the tel mehndi rasam, etc etc), whose proposal I rejected, despite immense family pressure, earlier this year!

Imagine being scrutinised for every change of emotion I'd be reflecting on my face. Him, his fiancee and me are on good terms now but people think I'm regretting and pining for him. They have conveniently forgotten that its been me who said no!

Rabia said...

OMG, babe when did this happen (H getting engaged I mean). Spill the beans, i want all the details! Gossip session on the weekend, skype we must!! and Congrats (w/o the snideliness)

majworld said...

LOL@ matchmaking wud be fun to attend..isn't it :)

Mackers said...

Family speed-dating, another, only in Pakistan

Congrats on your brother's engagement :)

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Im soo up for shopping... :D

Thoth said...

hehehehe..dat iz zo lame yo..peepal huh..i iz laughing so hard at such peepal..where was diz congregation..did u go how was it..
btw if you hear of any such thing in lahore, would you like, um, please gimmie the address..

Xeb said...