August 10, 2010

Do you know that gmail has a great new feature? Apparently, for up to five seconds after you send out an email you can press 'undo-send' and it comes right back to you. Suddenly, I picture my life getting a whole-lot-simpler. *grin*


Thoth said...

Its like recall of outlook yo. But 5 sec is way too low. BTW what kinda emails you send dude? And to what peepal yo.

Xeb said...

Outlook has a recall? Tell me more.

And it matters not what kind of emails I send. What matters is that there are some emails I send out that ought not to be sent.

Impulsiveness comes with a price, my love. :P

Thoth said...

Outlook has a recall? Tell me more.

I just ROFLed at your IT ignorance.
Go to your sent items, double click the message. It will open as message i.e. msg format sent mail.

Go to Actions, there at bottom you will see Recall this message and resend this message.

Recall will delete all copies of email in all recipient inboxes, provided that they are on the same EXCHANGE SERVER. Otherwise it won't for example if customer has different domain.

PS: Why is it that me and anon are only people who care about you.

Xeb said...

Don't make fun of my IT deficiencies. I have been told that I'm a lot more with it than most girlies! :P

I just found the recall function. I'm super-impressed. This is fabulous. I am a happy bunny right now.

Except what's all this about same exchange servers? Seems mighty suspicious to me! :S

Xeb said...

Ps: It's true. You and Anon are the only people who care about me. What-a-sad-life-I-lead. Haina?

Thoth said...

Like totally.
So yeah exchange server means, if my email id is and your id is like and i send a email to you and my friend, and then recall the message then the message from microsoft domain won't be deleted while all messages from ibm inboxes will be deleted. See how good i am at explaining things.

PS: Sigh, i shouldn't know any sadlifeleaders.
PPS: No, that is not my real email id neither i work for ibm.

poisson said...

no xeb, i care about you too! and i didn't know about this recalling option either, you ARE better than most girlies!

Deepak Iyer said...

This post totally proves to all skeptics that you are lot better at IT stuff than most girlies [:P]

Minerva said...


That's one feature that's a couple of years late in my life!

aKONvict said...

you were not, like um, offended by my last comment. Well i was by yours. "You and Anon are the only people who care about me. What-a-sad-life-I-lead. Haina?"
Bilkul nahi.
Au contraire, i consider you very lucky.
ps:apologies :D

Arunima said...

oh i love this. :-)