August 13, 2010

Dear Crazy-Stalker-Boy-Who-Threatens-To-Commit-Suicide-Unless-I-Befriend-Him,

I wish you would.




Anonymous said...

And you say nobody wants to marry you!

Xeb said...

Haha, I didn't say that. I said nobody I want to marry, wants to marry me. There's a significant difference.

Ubaid said...


tell him to upload his pictures before he dies... so you can know what you lost :p

and oh oh tell him to take some pictures while he commits suicide... I like bloody pictures... they are ART :D

Thoth said...

Goddamn, you're cold hearted. What if actually commits suicide after this abominable publicized humiliation.

Is Ubaid Atif Aslam? His DP is like Atif, no?

Xeb said...

UB: If I were to talk to him (which I will not) I'd tell him. As it is, I'd prefer to keep a distance.

T: This is some random man who accidentally called me and I spoke to him long enough to tell him I was not the person he was looking for. Since then he calls about ten times a day (I never pick up) and messages about twenty times a day. The last sms was full of how he'd give up his life to be my 'friend'.
If not cold, what else do you expect me to be? :P

Anonymous said...

Just tell him you are not interested, politely and firmly. Or tell him you have a boyfriend. Or figure out what it is you find so awful about him.