August 8, 2010

And just when we were descending into a cocoon of its-not-so-bad-after-all, Karachi decides to throw another one in our faces. A very close friend of my father's was kidnapped yesterday on his way home from work. His family got the ransom note today.

There are days when all I want to do is take everyone I love away from this godforsaken country where all you can do is thank god that you're safe and that you're still alive. Today is one of them.


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that the kidnapped person returns home safe and sound.

thoth said...

Yea. Hope he is back by now and safe. And hoping everyone you knew in Karachi was alright during the recent plight. Been real bad and shameful past two weeks.

Xeb said...

He is. He's unharmed, but incredibly shaken. His ransom was paid, and he was returned.

Life is Karachi continues to be as fucked up as always.

Thoth said...

I am glad to hear that.

However, what was most disturbing for me was to hear news channels babble that all this chaos and ruckus and bloodbath was by 'unknown armed men'.