July 21, 2010

When I announced the (supposed) transition to hermit-hood, 'A' messaged me to tell me to put the isolation to good use. He thought I should start writing poetry again. So I tried. And tried. And tried some more, but its useless. The words just won't come with the fluidity they used to. I need a muse, I think.

Any ideas?


Saif said...

Try writing a novelette instead :-p
Poetry should come naturally, no point in forcing it.
It's also an expression of emotion; I don't know which emotions are most inspirational to you, but apparently it isn't insularism.
You, of all people, do not need a muse, X. Just go with the flow.

Xeb said...

S: Haha, another one? I don't think anyone's going to read it :P

Xeb said...

Also, I may have mentioned, it's somewhat exhausting! :P

kay-tee said...

u already have written a novelette? I would love to read it, even if its in the most unedited form that it could be!
About poetry, dont try to fit your words in a certain way...seduce them to flow onto the paper..later, just arrange them! even random stuff can get together to form a beautiful piece of poetry!

kay-tee said...

About 5 or more years ago, this is what came to me:

I had to prepare for an exam of chemistry,
but I was busy in the mystery,
of knowing about Shakuntala's history:
why did she wear a tee,
and sat beneath the Banyan tree.
Dug a moat around the tree and filled it with her pee;
then tried to sell it as hot coffee.
24/7 she sucked a toffee,
and stuck her chewed gum at the back of her knee.
Once,she got her bum stung by a honey bee:
cried out loud,"Just look at me"
People were like,"oye bibi,
"kuch te sharam ker ni"
Baffled, I wondered why did we,
in the name of help,offered her the house of thee.


Xeb said...

k-t: This particular novelette was not for public consumption, but maybe someday I'll write another one which is! :P Speaking of which I love the poyem. Seriously! :)

APOO said...

Switch on yer webcam and I'll jump around in my boxers. Its known to have inspired many a people.

Xeb said...


kay-tee said...

thankyou :)