July 15, 2010

Things I learned today:

  • Of the top 50 films of the last decade, I have only seen 5. Shame on me. I hereby resolve to catch up on quality cinema. Anybody want to join me?

  • The corporate sector sucks. I'm glad I work in development. Having a soul, beats selling shampoo anyday!

  • I really haven't done anything substantial in life until I manage to barter a house for a red paper clip. Except I think I'll start with a staple pin. More mileage, methinks. Anybody want to trade me a Mercedes for a staple pin?

  • Disgusting-diet denies me chocolate. When I need it the most-est even. What-a-nuisance-this-is. I should just give in to obesity and be happy. *hmph*

  • Apparently Ms. Clinton doth returneth but they did not invite me to come meet her. I'm hurt. Clearly, they don't love me anymore. *sigh*


Aneela Z said...

19 for me...if its a pass percentage of 35 I make the grade right?

Mackers said...

I don't like to boast but 31 for me. In your face (I mean that very politely )

Anuradha said...

Nice blog. :)

I'll join you in watching those movies. xD

Minerva said...

Only 16 for me. Would've been 20 if it hadn't been for KESC after which I just gave up trying to watch "Talk to Her" and "25th Hour" and a number of others which were happily sitting in my pc for so long.

I should just give in to obesity and be happy

NOoooooooooooooooooooo!!!! You can't!!!! We're in the same boat, you can't ditch!

Deepak Iyer said...

Re: the top 50 movies :
Shame on you .. for believing that list.

theterrorland said...

Ok! Wish you all the best! I've a question for you and your civilized readers: did you see this horrer movie going on in Rawalpindi Pakistan currently? If not plz see this: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com

Roshni said...

Yea that list is flawed y0 =/

Rabia said...

1) I've only seen 9 and i think the list is flawed.
2) If u think shampoo selling it bad, u need to spend sometime in a bank. There's a special place in hell for bankers (although i think we would still be at least one level above lawyers).

Anonymous said...

8 for me; 9 if you count American Psycho that I bought recently :) I agree.. the list is flawed! Wall-E, The Incredibles & Kill Bill -I???

Aneela Z said...

Waisey we should refuse to be a part of a list that does not include Syed Noor and David Dhawan, nahee?

Amir said...

37, also I have been reading your stuff, you make me smile, laugh and very sad all in very close proximity of each other.
Keep writing because I am looking forward to reading.

P.S: Try chewing gum works really well for food cravings, it also fools your stomach into thinking you are eating so it produces acids that burn fat.