July 23, 2010

Says Dawn today (thankyou S for breaking the news):

ISLAMABAD: It was the night of the general by all accounts. A quiet Thursday evening sprang a major political surprise when Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani appeared on the television screens to announce in a brief speech that he, after consultations with President Asif Ali Zardari, had decided to relax the rules and grant an extension of three years to Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

Mr Gilani said the extension had been given in the interest of continuity at a time when the war on terror was successfully continuing against the elements who wanted to impose a system of their choice on the country.

He praised Gen Kayani for his commitment to democracy, recalling that the military chief had termed democracy inevitable for peace and development in the country.

He gave Gen Kayani all the credit for the success of the current military operations, and said that the chief was actively involved in the planning and execution of the operations. It was because of the general’s role in the war against militancy that he had been given a new term.

Most analysts welcomed the decision in the hours that followed the announcement. In fact, there was general support for the decision; the dissent that was expressed was cautious and reserved even though earlier during the debate over the possible extension, it was clear that a number of analysts and defence experts had reservations about a military general accepting an extension immediately after Musharraf’s long tenure.


Interesting, and interesting-er. I'm wondering what sort of hole we're digging for ourselves now. That said, I suppose it doesn't really matter one way or the other to the common civilian. At the moment, if they could stop the goddamn bombings, reduce inflation and increase employment (possibly put in a social security net), reduce street crime and improve infrastructure we'd be just fine. Who is (or is not) COAS is a decision the average person on the street will think about for 10 mins (at best) before proceeding to head out and beg for food. Or pick a couple of pockets. (or both). Slightly better off than average folks will head out for labor-ing, whether it be on a daily wage, or off to office (like the likes of us). If we really think about it, we're immune to the pundits speculations. So we may be setting ourselves for another coup (ho-hum, do you think sugar will get any cheaper) or the military man may set himself up as the savior of democracy in this country (hey, do you think we can convince the Taliban to cast a dissenting vote instead of blowing up shrines?). At-the-end-of-the-day, it matters not to us because it makes no difference to us. They're all the same: utterly-fucking-useless.


Desert Mystery said...

COAS extension coincides with the expiry of PM and Presidents tenure in the year 2013. I assume they stuck with a guy that is less likely to topple them, rather then risk it with a new guy who may ruffle their feathers. A lesson Nawaz learned the hard way.

Anonymous said...

As if the President and the PM had any say whatsoever in this matter?!