July 16, 2010

Quick update:

So, the boss just got an invite to meet le'Clinton. So did R, M, S and about a dozen other people I know. Why, I ask you, have I been singled out for isolation? Is this because of the last three weeks of (comparative) hermit-hood? What am I an outcast now? I am most distressed. Nobody likes meeting people more than I do. I promise! *sniff*


Roshni said...

ah well... I bet the chai they have is gonna' be horrible, don't worry.

Rabia said...

If it makes u feel any better, dad says Bill is much nicer than her so you're not missing out on much!

Xeb said...

R: Apparently the day events are somewhat bakwas, but thats not the point! :P

Rabia: Is he? I have a friend who worships him (works for the Clinton Foundation). I met Hilary briefly at a dinner some months ago. She seemed nice enough then. But then, all we had was a three minute conversation on Columbia and Yale! :S