July 22, 2010

Legacies are painful, binding, awful things.

As much as I enjoy the privileges of (almost) leading this enterprise, an ungrateful tiny part of me just wants to shake off the heavy net of expectations and just run away to Timbuktoo. Where I'm going to sit on top of a mountain and sip chai.

Maybe I'll read a book.


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Mobeen said...

Indeed it has been inherited in our blood to seek anything which we don't have, idle time teases us to occupy you (urself) for something, and busy-ness seeks some spare time to live with. No matter what privileges you enjoy, no matter which state of life you are holding, you always want the other side, tough or rough it doesn't matter.

You can't escape from what people's expect from you, people around you are both innocent and cruel at the same time, as expecting something from you is natural which comes from your talent and available opportunities ..... forgetting YOU behind this talent is their cruelty ( after all you belong to the same mud from which they have been created)