July 16, 2010

I have 1883 pictures of me on facebook. And 536 friends. Life-simplification entails a massive un-tagging, de-friending spree methinks.

The wonder of modern technology is, when we crave some space, we also crave it virtually. Imagine how silly all of this must sound to someone born sixty years ago.

Why do humans persist in making things more complicated with every day of existence?


Sarah said...

I just declined 30 friend requests that had been under contemplation for a while.

Sadly, I'm cranky today so no one made the cut!

Saira said...

hmmm... I've been considering cleaning out mine. But then... it's how you look at it. I equate facebook to a cellphone address book except better because I have unlimited space and a million other pieces of information co-related.

However, I should probably still do some spring cleaning. hmmm....

hiranajam said...

totally. i just went on a massive summer-cleaning fest on both twitter and fb. lol.

Xeb said...

S1: I've had those days! :)

S2: Facebook is convenient, but there are days when all the information it throws at you seems a bit overwhelming, and incredibly unnecessary. No?

h: I'm just running off to facebook to see if I made the cut! :P