July 6, 2010



Saif said...

I laughed my ass off :)
Funnier still, because I have never seen nor read Twilight, and as far as soccer goes, I play, I don't watch.
Keep 'em comin, X


Deepak Iyer said...

Tazeen tweeted this, and I thought she came up with it. Or maybe not.

Thoth said...

I hate soccer. Would never watch a match, no matter how many hot chicks at the venue, no matter how open the bar..
So yea..Just shared this on facebook..

Anonymous said...

"New Moon" - w/o doubt the worst and the most boring movie I've watched in my life to date. Got sick n tired of skipping scenes, finally decided I couldn't take it anymore, stopped the movie and went to bed instead!

They should make the most vicious criminals watch this pathetic movie as the sentence for their crimes! arrrrrrrggggggggggg

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hahahaha... awesome... Even though i love football... :P