July 6, 2010

The disgusting-diet is eating into my social life. I keep having to turn down dinner invitations (because who will weigh food in gms for me at a restaurant?) and I can't have coffee either (this one, I really MUST fight against) so now I'm stuck with green tea (which I'm not a huge fan of) as a beverage of choice. This new manifestation of my masochistic personality will culminate in 4 weeks total. So far it's been a grand total of 6 days in which I miss food. I miss bread most of all. And then I miss french fries (the Afghani ones). I even miss pizza, which I don't like in this country because they make it with a crust thats entirely too thick-and-doughy, but since it seems to be a staple food for most of us, it's absence is keenly felt. I may feel better, and look better, from eating healthy, but a tiny, traitorous part of my mind is insisting that I 'cheat-cheat-cheat'. It keeps pointing me towards ice-creams, and chocolates and other assorted goodies wherever I go. So I figure, the solution is not to go anywhere. Hence the transition to hermit-hood. *sigh*

I'm going to go eat my healthy-oatmeal now, and wish it was an omelette instead! :P


Roshni said...

why the (sudden) change in diet? ..are you getting married Xebbbness =0

Xeb said...

Only in Pakistan can you make an effortless transition from a healthy lifestyle to impending marriage plans! :P

But to answer your question, (un)fortunately I am not getting married!

Roshni said...

*desi accent* ..Pakistaniness is in us..... kee kariye :P

Deepak Iyer said...

Not so fast, Xebji. Indians do that too, and equally well if not better.
In fact, we can make a transition from any topic (or even silence) to impending marriage plans.

P.S. : I tried finding snaps of delicious cakes to annoy you, but got bored in a few seconds. Can you Google for those yourself and save me the trouble?

Rabia said...

have a little bit of dark chocolate. it totally picks up ur mood and its guilt free