July 21, 2010

Is nothing more than
Ripping politely

but with a pause
as if-to-ask-you (very nicely)
is it okay if I tear your heart out?

I would leave no stray threads unclipped
no unsightly scabs to pick
just a single, slow amputation
to let you sweetly
this exquisite pain
let me close my blades so elegantly
like dancing a waltz upon
the music of razors.

Ali & Me
(July 21, 2010)


Sonia said...

nice collaboration :) you both should do this more!

Minerva said...

I'm sorry, this is going to sound unbelievably insane but the rhythm of this poem reminds me of the song of the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz..

We thank you very sweetly ... for doing it so neatly! You've killed her so completely, that we thank you very sweetly!


I've been watching way too many serial-killer series.

Roshni said...

I read that on his blog earlier..... nicely done y0!-nod-

Ubaid said...

I so love this....

p.s fit template... just edit the blue thingy choose some other color!

Anonymous said...

Love the poetry! :)

Check out: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/life-in-day.html

Very interesting global experiment!

Watercolor said...

maybe you'll find some worth in my poor abandoned poetry blog.
looking forward to reading more from you.