June 6, 2010

Today, let's try something new.
Whoever you are, you’re requested to respond with what you know about me. It can be anything and it can be of any length – Tell me what you think of me, for today, I want you to write and me to read. And I want it to be about me. Be honest (:


Anonymous said...

can i write something about saad as well?

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Well... U have an awesome blog... I think your really interesting and unique... you views about stuff are really logical... I think your quite pretty.. Your a workaholic.. You should enjoy ur life more.... A nice conversation with you on all kinds of stuff would be an ideal Sunday afternoon for me.. :)

Anonymous said...

Think you're a bit too focused on 'me' (to be honest) but apart from that I think you've got a wonderfully independent spirit.

Ali said...


Brilliant writer :)

Ali said...

The above Ali isn't me. I'm much cooler. Shall write something suitably lecherous for you later.


kay-tee said...

I like the individualistic streak in u. And I can totally relate to your life on many levels. I understand the reactions that u have on social and personal issues and totally agree with them. Plus, I love the fact that u post so regularly despite a busy workload.

P.S. U are living a fantasy life for me (LUMS, NYC, living alone in an isloo apartment, travelling so much, people nagging u about ex-es) even though i know that all the above mentioned also have their downsides.

I truly wish u a satisfying life ahead. :-)

Anonymous said...

I know that you're the reason PIA flights are so delayed!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You're an awesome writer...read your blog every day....have been reading ever since it was "winter of my discontent" love you and your blog =) *hugs*

Jaded said...

Hmmmmm... no offence, right?

a little girl in a grown up world... She likes the drama, the clothes, the money yet, she wishes so much the dark corners weren't there...

For all appearances she handles it with courage and confidence but a little part of her remains just a bit scared, a bit hesitant, wanting more than anything that someone would just come and take her away from here.

noone said...

reading your blog has become such a habit of mine, and i love the fact that you write so often. I really dont know you well so cant comment much. But by reading your blog, i can say that you have a strong soul and good attitude towards life. Whatever happens, dont let anyone or anything ever make you doubt yourself. Plus you are cool putting up with that sick anon. And i really do wish you an awesome love life, way better than your dreams.

kay-tee said...

atleast ur still fighting whatever life dishes out your way! and i love love love the demenaour u put on when saadonymous wets his pants on your blogs!

OnLY OnE..! said...

Been a long time reader. I think you were one of the reasons I started blogging back in 2005. I used to read you when you were back at LUMS.

And since then, I think you have changed for the better. Ive seen you lose a lot in your life (from what you have wrote), and emerge stronger than ever - cynical a bit, but with a very strong fighting spirit.

I love the way you write about life, and how easy it is to relate to what goes on your life. I think you are independent, funny,smart and definitely someone who does not let people use her.

I really really think you are an amazingly strong person and sometimes when I feel super down, somehow reading what you have to say makes me feel better and also makes me realise what a wimp I am being!

Seriously - you're awesome. And I don't use awesome that loosely!


Anonymous said...

a girl with a lot of heart, and a lot of spirit.
you're the modern cynic, the hopeless romantic, the idealistic maverick in your own little ways, and every little thing you do has Xeb stamped defiantly all over it.

i love the courage you possess, the facade of strength which is half true, half of it pure illusion, and transparent.

but i guess that is what i find most endearing about you; you have the ability to hold your weaknesses in the palm of your hand as strength, and that to me is inspirational.

i feel though that sometimes in the bid to be different, you miss out on the menial mundanities us average folk enjoy; or maybe that is tantamount to the collateral damage of being unique.

i havent ever met you, but i would like to. (im female, no funny ideas here) i have a feeling we would have much to say.

on a slightly different note, i find it..somewhat amusing, that i have added you on facebook twice, and you have added me too (because there was a point you followed my blog avidly and knew me by name)...however, a couple of months later, i find that i have been mysteriously removed from your friend's list, twice. i find it a little...confusing perhaps, for lack of a better word, but have since learnt my lesson, and not added you again.
i can see that perhaps you respect your privacy, and i do the same.

sharbet said...

I am not an old-time reader like the others, but I feel it is entirely appropriate that I discovered your blog when I did. It is probably exactly at this time that I can enjoy your writing, and through it, relate to you, rant with you, sympathise with you and laugh with you. And for some reason, I also think that we could do that in person and maybe someday we will.

ibteda. said...

You sound like you are living the dream life - Independence, money, success.
You've had your share of problems I gather, and yet emerged so beautifully - that's why I'm a tad envious of you. :)

P.S. Why cant your anon commentators move on from Saad?

ibteda said...

Plus I like this, and would have stolen it for my blog. but sadly, nobody reads mine so there wouldn't be any comments :(

Thoth said...

Seeking reassurance from strangers is the first time i got a little worried about you.
I mean, they are nice people and all but just look at their screen names, well atleast most of them.
Methinks you'll do alright though, still.
PS: Sorry for being honest.

M. M. said...

I should be credited for that. :D

How do we know said...

i think you are a wonderful writer.. gripping, that is .. not in a thriller novel sort of a way.. but like a... well, one reads thru all ur posts..

i also think u r a woman with a lot of spunk, and quite respect that abt u..

needless to add, you are young and pretty and very surrouned by admirers u dont care abt.. the guys u do care abt.. well... we'll leave it at that..

there.. thats all i can make out abt u.. that u chose to follow Ishaan's blog is still a surprise to me :-)