June 3, 2010

A song that just popped up on winamp made me laugh out loud. It's a beautiful gaana by a relatively unknown (as yet) singer named Meiko. However, the memories associated with the song are somewhat tragi-comic. Once-upon-a-time about this time last year (or maybe a little before that) while still in NY I was asked out on a date (as I sometimes am). The boy was a nice boy (with a nicer car) and we spent some time after dinner driving around Manhattan listening to some great music and enjoying the weather. While driving, we were trading music tips (have you heard this, you must hear that) and I told him of a new singer I had discovered whose voice I loved, but for the life of me I couldn't remember the song, or the singer.

Anyhow, the evening was nice (if somewhat uninspiring) and boy - although not quite the love of my life - was decent enough company. I probably did not want to repeat the experience, but he seemed harmless which - naturally - made him somewhat boring to masochists-like-I. Point being it would have been raat-gayi-baat-gayi with one exception. When I got home, my playlist threw Meiko's song at me and I promptly picked it up, got hold of the Mp3 and sent it to him. I imagine he got it the next morning.

The next day  I got a rather cryptic text from him. I ignored it (sure that I had not been sending him any green signals) only to get another one a little later in the day.At this point I'm wondering what to do (boy was fairly nice, remember) but I decide not to jump to conclusions. Except then I get a third text and I'm somewhat astounded at this point. Such ardency after a fairly uneventful dinner is really not expected. I'm still trying to figure out how I managed to get myself into this-particular-soup a day or two later while I'm getting ready for something-or-other and singing the song I was fixated with at that particular point of time. The song I imagine he had received from me obnoxiously early in the morning, The song which goes something like this:

"Give me a reason to fall in love
Take my hand and let's dance
Give me a reason to make me smile
Cause I think I forgot how

I wanna fall asleep with you tonight
I wanna know that I am safe when you hold me tight
I wanna feel like I wanna feel forever

Girls need attention, and boys need us
So let's make everybody glad
That they have each other in each others arms
Oh let's make everybody glad

I want you.

I wanna dream away with you tonight
We can go anywhere you would like
I wanna feel how I wanna feel forever

I want you"


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hmm... im sad and lonely too... :|

Xeb said...

Yes, I think we're quite aware that being sad, lonely and perverted is your USP. Let's move on, shall we?

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

I have moved on a little... but ill only move on when ive found someone special i think...

Xeb said...

Err, okay then.

Annie said...

hahaaahaaa, obviously he deeeeeeeeeddddd!

it is that kinda song!

Komal Ali said...

Fail! How can he NOT text you thrice after listening to THAT song? :P

How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. u really did put urself in a soup there.. didnt u? so.... did the boy finally understand that it was just the voice, not the lyrics?