June 21, 2010

I would give absolutely anything I have right now, just for one more chance to see you smile at me, hold out your arms and hold me close against your chest. I would give everything I am, just to once more hear your voice calling my name. I would sacrifice my soul, I know, for just one more minute of conversation with you. And I would happily give up the rest of my life, to say to you just one more time, 'Daddy, I love you', and to hear you tell me, 'I love you too'.

Happy Father's Day.


How do we know said...

Happy Father's Day to you Xeb...

kay-tee said...

I would gladly donate my own daddy to u for keeps, and maybe even pay u a hefty amount to keep him for long. But i dont think, u'd like me much after that!

Xeb said...

H: :)

k-t: Haha, thank you for the offer. But no thank you :)

noone said...

angelina jolie in tomb raider!

Saif said...

Reading this point made me realize two things.

1. Your posts consistently evoke deep emotions in me. I'm at a loss to expalin how or why, but thank you.

2. I know nothing about you. Unsat.

Your post reminds me of some lines from the Boss, that I consistently use to explain to people how I feel about my dad, more so now that he's gone.

"Well now the years have gone and I've grown
From that seed you've sown
But I didn't think there'd be so many steps
I'd have to learn on my own
Well I was young and I didn't know what to do
When I saw your best steps stolen away from you
Now I'll do what I can
I'll walk like a man
And I'll keep on walkin'"

Walk Like A Man, B. Springsteen