June 2, 2010

F & I, over dinner at Tiramisu, put together all the reasons why I should (at this particular point) get married. I told him he was preaching to the choir here, but together we managed to put together a fairly compelling list. Then Jen - substantially - added to it too.

  1. My plants are dying. It would be nice to have someone (aside from forgetful me) to water them.
  2. Because it would be nice to have someone tell me I'm beautiful, even when I feel like shit.
  3. So that I have someone  (aside from blog) to whine to at night who has no choice except to listen to me.
  4. I like cooking. I have no one to cook for, ergo I don't cook. Marriage, we agreed would solve these problems.
  5. Having a permanent date to parties (and such-like) would be very convenient. Someone to go with, and someone to come home with is always a good thing.
  6. I need a vacation. Company would be nice.

  7. Remember mechanic issues? Having a husband can resolve these (this one has completely sold me on the marital institution now :P)

  8. A human punching bag. There have been days in the recent past when such a thing could have been very useful.
  9. Kids are cute. Don't you think?

  10. So that life doesn't feel as strangely empty anymore. Can marriage give life meaning? J seems to think it might. (So as not to appear as sentimental sap, she hastens to add that many things can give life meaning, marriage is but one of them. But damage done, Jen, damage done. :P) 


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Yea im all for marriage... :D i say go for it...

Salman! said...

Lol the first point is funny and so is the second one :P i mean why would you feel like shit, ASTAGHFIRULLAH...

Great you cook :D

Kids are beautiful, havent you seen the post of mine where i posted my little cousin's picture :)

and marriage is yet BEAUTIFUL!!

kay-tee said...

the list sounds great but marriage in itself still strikes terror in my heart.

Xeb said...

LPS: As I said, preaching to the choir here :P

S: Are you married? Because if not, then you're a wonderfully staunch advocate for a state you have no knowledge of :P

k-t: Haha, I think you reach an age (sigh) where it no longer strikes terror and makes you want to run as hard as you can in the opposite direction. Some call this growing 'up', others call it growing 'old'. Either way, methinks (in theory) its finally happened to me! :P

Abstractor! said...

haha i will take that as a credit :P
and maybe i am ready for marriage, hehe :P

Roshni said...

Reasons to have kids too...once you've accomplished the first..err..hurdle :p

How do we know said...

all of these are the WRONG reasons to get married. The right reason? If u dont marry him, you will either go nuts or dead.

Xeb said...

A: Seems like you are.

R: Haha, yes. That too.

H: That's a good reason to marry 'him', but the list seems to be as good a reason as any to get married (period). No?